ONGala 1613-0

Groom suit in white floral jacquard fabric combined with pants and embroidered vest with 5 buttons in white satin. The damasked is a fabric that arises from the twine of many yarns on jaquard looms, with shiny texture and an almost relief effect. Redingote-style seams on the back of the jacket stylize the figure, even if proper stiffness of the fabric contributes in structures the silhouette. The uniqueness of this suit it's in the care of details: covered buttons, rhinestone frog closure and small chain with crystals. Cufflinks with silver ferrul and crown shape tie pin with rhinestones are the icing on the cake to complete this outfit suitable to romantic weddings inspired to XIX century. Shoes are white slipper model with embroidery: they are perfect for this kind of suit. Touch of unmistakable style: top hat in white satin and white cane with nickel-tone knob. The groom who chooses a jacquard suit loves to be under the spotlight and takes care about attention to details. This is appropriate for princely weddings in style.

Model Highlights:

White Brocade Jacket

White jacquard groom jacket with floral print. Classic peak lapel with crystal trim, 2 angled flap pockets, one single vent with Redingote-style seams on the back. Rhinestone frog closure and one patterned button with no buttonhole for each sleeve. Rounded finish to stylize the figure and tail of jacket suitable for any height.

Code: 60895 6057 1010

White Satin Trousers

Trousers made from white satin without back pockets.

Code: 33350 5252 1000

Embroidered Satin Waistcoat in White

Waistcoat made from white satin with tonal embroidery.

Code: 23935 5252 1015

White Satin Shirt with Ruffles

Shirt made white satin with standard collar. Ruffles along the concealed placket and cuffs. Convertible cuffs with ruffles, patterned button and twin cufflinks buttonholes.

Code: 40466 1328 1100

White Satin Scarf and Handkerchief Set

Scarf and handkerchief set made from white satin. Edging.

Code: 56534 1328 1100

White Satin Top Hat

White Satin Top Hat.

Code: 98555 5201 1000

White Cane

White cane made from wood. Nickel-tone knob with leaf embellishment. Same colour detail at the lower end.

Code: 98501 2726 1070

Clear Jewel Rectangular Cufflinks

Baroque-style nickel-tone rectangular cufflinks with clear jewel and diamante embellishment.

Code: 98503 7089 7300

Crown Tie Pin with Rhinestones

Nickel-tone crown tie pin with clear rhinestones. Protective cap.

Code: 98530 7117 7373

Clear Embellished Chain

Waistcoat pocket nickel-tone chain with clear rhinestones.

Code: 98510 1967 7000

Total price:
EU1853 €
Non EU1627 €