Italian tuxedo and wedding suits

À Propos De Nous

Our company and its trademark Ottavio Nuccio Gala are located in Lucugnano di Tricase (Lecce), in a factory building dating back to 1948, a magnificent example of restoration of an old industrial architecture in the field of high-end menswear.

This spectacular building of over 3,000 square meters fulfills the large activity which takes to the creation of a specialized total-look for man: suits, shirts, ties, shoes and accessories, designed - produced and supplied by Tailor Diffusion s.r.l. with the support of a network of 10 outside laboratories, scattered throughout the territory of this southern region, for a spin-off over 250 work units and products 100% Made in Italy.

In our headquarter take place various stages of the process leading to the creation of these wonderful suits; the company spreads over 5 floors, 2 of which are underground, and in its internal the staff works on: standard design, made to measure design, cutting room, fabrics warehouse, production office, finished goods warehouse, sales office, style office, accounting, dressmaker and a show room of the largest in the region.

The atmosphere specially created and willed in the company is the one you can find in a large broaden family, in which people not only cooperate and obtain a great result, but they are unite by human relationships that last a lifetime and lead the whole team to cooperate peacefully.

The change of generations and family's tradition are aims constantly pursued over the time that have led today to have about half of the employees with an age less than 40 years and joining the company of the third Nuccio's generation.

Today the company has flagship stores in Spain, Italy and more than 60 dealers with multi-brand stores in Italy, Spain, Germany, England, Greece and Portugal, but the most surprising result came after the establishment of the recent e-commerce which has showed and let appreciate our creation all over the world.