ONGala 1632-0

Caractéristiques du costume:

Costume de mariage en satin noir avec passementerie en strass fumé

Black satin Suit with Mandarin Collar The special feature of this suit is given by the Smoky grey diamante trimming on the collar, front and pocket flaps. Button arrangement is embellished by a rhinestone frog closure and the back side of the jacket has Redingote-style seams with one vent. This jacket is long tail model so it has to be wear only by the groom. Groom can stylize the figure and being under the spotlight with this model, as he will be the only one with a suit of this kind.

Code: 70629 5201 8080

Gilet en satin noir brodé noir argent

Waistcoat made from black satin with silver-tone embroidery.

Code: 23935 5201 8084

Plastron noir noué en dentelle

Black lace plastron tie and handkerchief set.

Code: 56546 2752 8000

Haut-de-forme en satin noir

Black Satin Top Hat.

Code: 98555 5201 8000

Canne forme tête de mort canon de fusil

Black coated beechwood cane with gunmetal grey skull knob with smoky grey diamante embellishment.

Code: 98501 2873 8070

Chaussettes noires en coton

Socks made from black lisle cotton.

Code: 98290 1344 8000

Chaussures damassées noires

Ankle shoes made from black brocade leather look fabric.

Code: 98027 2867 8000

Boutons de manchettes rectangulaires avec pierre noire

Baroque-style gunmetal grey rectangular cufflinks with black jewel and diamante embellishment.

Code: 98503 7089 8000

Broche Couronne canon de fusil strass noirs

Gunmetal grey cravat clasp with crown design and black rhinestones.

Code: 98507 7115 8080

Chaînette avec pendentif couronne argent fumé

Gunmetal grey chain with crown pendant and black diamante embellishment.

Code: 98526 7121 8180

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