Italian Luxury Wedding Suits | Italian Tuxedos for Men

Gentleman Collection

Gentleman 2019 collection presents italian semi tailored classic wedding suits for traditional ceremonies, divided into 3 categories:

  • Normal wedding suits with 2 buttons and notched lapels in grey, black or blue. Waistcoats can be made of same fabrics of the suit but only if they are shawl double-breasted waistcoats; otherwise we can see micro patterned or jacquard ones in pure silk.

  • Double-breasted suits for groom with peak lapels and 6 buttons: a classical of Italian tradition made of high quality fabrics.

  • Morning dresses or short tailed suits in the most pure Brit Style: black jackets combined with striped trousers and jacquard waistcoats or the three pieces of same color and fabric for a touch of modernity. This look is completed by the traditional top hat and the cane.

The real protagonist is the Prince of Wales, an extremely elegant pattern realized in the shades of gray and blue; this pattern gives a touch of uniqueness to the groom: the touch he deserves in the most important day of his life.

A plus of style added by Ottavio Nuccio Gala can be found in the patterned accessories combined with such a classical suits: paisley, polka dots, geometrical patterns, jacquard in a very huge variety of colors.

Suits and tuxedos of Gentleman collection are suitable in ceremonies that follow rules of etiquette, that don’t follow fashion trends and that revalue the taste of elegance. Fabrics are all of high quality: pure wool, silk-wool, satin wool Super 140’s, extrafine wool Super 120’s, Mohair and Alpaca wool blend etc.

Sober colors and refined combinations are suitable both for grooms with a retrò taste and new generation gentlemen that want to wear an high quality suit but with a touch of eccentricity.

Fashion Suits Collection

Fashion Formal collection proposes contemporary elegant suits for young grooms who don’t want to give up to sartorial taste in a modern way:

  • Normal jackets with one button and peak lapel for stylizing the figure without losing wearability and comfort. Lapels can be black in contrast or with satin trims in contrast to give a touch of uniqueness to the outfit. Black, grey and blue suits in different shades matched with waistcoats in different model, fabric and color: with 4 or 5 buttons, classic shawl double-breasted, jacquard or single-colour printing, asymmetric, damasked or with micro patterns.

  • Short-tailed suits with redingote jackets, waisted to stylize the figure, either in classic version with striped trousers or in dandy version with Princes of Wales or Houndstooth trousers and waistcoat. These patterns can be also found in many details: shoes, hats or top hats.

News of this year are different shades of colours above all: black or ultramarine blue suits matched with light waistcoats and dark ties to create a very trendy contrast; royal blue jackets with pearl grey contrasts for youthful grooms; blue suits in indigo shades; royal blue with black contrasts; final touch is given by new model of waistcoats and jacquard ties: the luxurious details of the outfit.

The man who wears a Fashion Formal suit respects rules of male contemporary elegance following fashion trends. The dynamism and the freshness of this collection are suitable for ceremonies celebrated either in the morning or in the evening.

Fashion Color Suits Collection

New Fashion Color collection is characterized by sparkling colors, light and fresh fabrics suitable for summer weddings celebrated outdoors in informal way.

These suits have casual-chic jackets with one button and peak lapel, or two buttons and narrow notched lapel, flap pockets and two vents at back; usually they are matched with 5 buttons waistcoats or double-breasted shawl waistcoats of same tone. Fabrics used are very light: linen, cotton, denim or shantung silk blend.

Proposed shirts are made with white or light colored fabrics with collar in contrast, but we can also match liberty style shirts or striped shirts if the groom wants do dare even more than this.

Bowties and ties, instead, are in pure silk made of most colorful and riches patterns: Fashion Color collection allows the groom to unload his fantasy with no fear of daring. He can be able to complete his outfit without overlooking any detail: shoes made of light colors or strawed ones, colorful suspenders, lisle cotton socks of many colors and hats too.

Suits of Fashion Color collection are suitable for ceremonies celebrated in the garden, in the countryside or at the beach, in the most pure hipster style or hippie, without formalisms and with a very cheerful and romantic atmosphere.

Baroque Collection

New Barocco Collection is conceived for those who want to stand under the spotlight, for real princes who want to wear baroque suits inspired by the uniforms of Romantic age, especially suitable for royal weddings.

Suits and jackets with Redingote-style seams made in different lenghts: from the normal one to the dust coat, in French brocade or damasked fabrics, a global Ottavio Nuccio Gala exclusive. Other proposal is the beatiful satin or the duchesse in a huge range of colors: from the white to the black, but also ivory, bronze, brown, red and blue; you can also find silver and golden embroideries on the jackets.

Models are different too: peak embroidered lapel, peak lapel with strass crystal trim, mandarin collar, embroidered mandarin collar, tailcoat, dust coat with Napoleon collar and so on.

The peculiarity of this collection is in the coorditation of the accessories: each of them is properly studied to be matched with one of the suit. Ottavio Nuccio Gala proposes a very special embroidered matching set: shirt, tie, cummerbund and handkerchief all made of same fabric and color.

Barocco distinctive traits don’t stand only in jackets or in crystal frog closures, but you can also find shoes with damasked fabric, top hat made of same fabric of the suit, dragon knobs for canes, small accessories with crystals, laces and embroideries.

Barocco suits are suitable for luxurious ceremonies with precious details in princely locations for giving that touch of nobility needed for such a special couple.

Gothic Collection

The Gotico Collection concentrates its creativity in a mix of emotions that sees the protagonist of a modern man with a romantic soul but at the same time decided, Groom Suit indicated for authentic weddings in style.

Created for a man who emphasizes his vanity, offer models redingote, Mao collar and frack made in Brocade Fabric o Jaquard Fabric, designed in exclusive world for Ottavio Nuccio Gala. Each Suit in made with embroidery o whit rhinestone, and embellished with metallic accessories in Gothic Style that make the strong personality in the choice of this line.

A collection based on the importance of shades and of dark and marked coordination. An exclusive *Ottavio Nuccio Gala for an impeccable total look with a cylinder combined with the suit and canes with a dragon's head and a skull.

The Gothic Groom suit in suitable for Solemn ceremonies, in original locations needed for couples who have great personality and they want to make their day unusual and out of the standard.

Emotion Collection

Emotion Collection is characterized by unique suits with special manufacturing and details for hedonist men of a very strong identity, rock lovers and fashion lovers too. Jackets are proposed in 3 different types:

  • Normal jackets with one button and peak lapel or notched lapel, inflected in 2 variations: with ticket pocket or with metallic embellishments on the lapel.

  • Tuxedo jackets with one button and black satin shawl lapel in contrast or of the same fabric of the suit; trousers can be made in the same fabric or they can be black, in contrast with the jacket.

  • Double-breasted suits with 6 buttons and black lapel in contrast or not, matched with accessories of Rock inspiration.

Latest products and trends are many and they are ready to satisfy the taste of all eccentric grooms: from pinstriped suits, in houndstooth, bicolor, polka dotted, to checkered suits, shiny ones, suits with embroidered velvet waistcoats, patchwork or damasked.

Metallic accessories of Rock and Vintage inspiration give that touch of uniqueness typical for those who have a strong personality: belts with gothic buckle, chains, skulls and dragons in magnificent dark canes with gunmetal knobs.

In the Emotion Collection you can find a huge variation of colors and fabrics, both smooth or jacquard, from the classical black or grey until the green, burgundy or purple. These suits are suitable for ceremonies celebrated in the evening, of modern rock-chic inspiration, with a bride inspired by the beautiful pin up or by gothic princesses.

Black Tie Collection

Tuxedos of Black Tie collection are specifically created for elegant and luxurious events, following the required dress code for high society celebrations such as gala dinners, theatre presentations, red carpet events or weddings celebrated in the evening sumptuous locations. Total looks are proposed divided into 4 typologies:

  • Tuxedos jackets with one button and shawl lapel in black satin, pure wool, wool and viscose blend or satin silk and acetate blend; In addition to classical black and blue you can also find a huge range of sparkling colors in shantung silk blend, such as electric blue, bluette, purple, green, red, gold and white. All these colors offer a strong and elegant look; in the most classical version the trousers have satin braids along the leg.
  • Tuxedos or normal jackets with one button and peak lapel: a more casual version of the classic tuxedo, matched with trousers and waistcoats of same fabric or made of different fabrics to create alternative and original outfits but still elegant. Tuxedo in colorful velvets, such as black, blue, green or burgundy, are particularly suitable for winter events and they are very trendy.
  • Classic tailcoat with 6 buttons and peak lapel matched with pure white waistcoats in different models, white shirts and bow ties for an event in which a very elegant and refined dress code is required.
  • Double-breasted tuxedos with 6 buttons and peak lapel in satin paired with trousers of same fabric of the jackets or in contrast. Each one of these suits put the wearer under the spotlights.

Detail to complete this way of dressing so elegant and luxurious are white shirts with wing collars or spread ones in egyptian “Doppio ritorto” cotton with pleated or piquet bib and double cuffs. Each shirt include a set of cufflinks and small metallic buttons for the buttonhole; waistcoats and cummerbunds, instead, change model and color: from the most classical black until the jacquard ones.

Black Tie collection perfectly combines etiquette rules for evening events with the desire of uniqueness and fantasy of the modern man. You can dare without losing the tastefulness: this is the mood of the collection.